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Map Of Halkidiki & Hotel Location

Halkidiki Map of Chalkidiki Sightseeing & Beaches in Halkidiki Hotel Alexandros Palace in Tripiti Ouranoupolis Greece

Chalkidiki is located in the northern part of Greece, between the deep blue of the sea and the lush green of the verdant mountains. It is a dream-like area, where golden beaches meet charming villages, and visitors can explore natural sites of breathtaking beauty and historical monuments of great importance.

Combined with these features is the excellent tourist infrastructure, which has been carefully developed so that nothing detracts from its unique atmosphere. On this page, you are provided with a map of Chalkidiki Greece, as well as travel information about Chalkidiki, including the best beaches and the most significant historical sites in and around Tripiti and Mount Athos Chalkidiki.

Tripiti Beach - Beaches in the Mount Athos Chalkidiki Region
While vacationing at the Alexandros Palace Hotel & Suites in Tripiti Chalkidiki, we suggest visiting the beaches located nearby. The hotel’s private beach is wonderful, with soft sands and azure waters. You can also swim at the Chalkidiki beaches of Ouranoupolis, Skala, Kamboudi, Agios Pavlos, Nea Roda, and Ierissos, all of which are located close to Tripiti.

Don’t miss taking an excursion boat to the beautiful islets of Ammouliani and Drenia, both of which have exquisite beaches and crystal-clear waters. If you go early in the morning, you will avoid the crowds and perhaps have part of the beach to yourself.

Chalkidiki Sightseeing in and around Tripiti
Before setting out on your tour of the area, we recommend acquiring a good map of Chalkidiki and marking the places you want to visit. You should first tour the sites and attractions around Tripiti, such as the Xerxis Canal, the Prosforiou Tower and the Christian Museum of Chalkidiki in Ouranoupolis. Afterwards, take a short trip to Ierissos to visit the ancient site of Akanthos and the Byzantine Tower of Krounas.

The most impressive sightseeing can be done in Mount Athos, an autonomous monastic region, with a plethora of monasteries that are considered masterpieces of ecclesiastical architecture. Inside the monasteries are valuable religious artefacts, rare manuscripts, and enormous libraries, most of which can be visited if planned well in advance. Women are not allowed in the monasteries. Ferry boats that sail around the region of Mount Athos depart regularly from Ouranoupolis.

This sailing tour enables visitors to see many of these beautiful monasteries and to admire the spellbinding natural beauty of the area. From the Alexandros Palace Hotel in Halkidiki Greece, visitors have easy access to the following places:
  • "Macedonia" (Thessaloniki) Airport: 108 km
  • Ouranoupolis: 5 km
  • Tripiti Port: 500 meters
  • Ouranoupolis
  • Ouranoupolis