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Mount Athos


It is one of the largest cities in Chalkidiki, founded in the 7th century, under the name of Akhantos, name that refers to the acanthus bush. Signs of these ancient times can still be found in the Necropolis, a citadel, external walls and hellenistic buildings. From the 10th century the[…]


Ammouliani is an inhabited very small (just 4,5 square km) and charming island, well connected by ferryboat with Thessaloniki, located on the Aegean sea, between two “fingers” of the Chalkidiki Peninsula: Sithonia and Mount Athos. It’s the perfect place to spend a one-day trip, to enjoy the white sand beach,[…]


Greece is often synonym of sea, but some places and small villages in the mainland are really worth visiting. A good example is offered by Arnea, in the northern part of Chalkidiki, by the Mount Holomontas, and easy to reach by Thessaloniki (70 km) and Poligiros (40 km). The main[…]

Nea Roda

Placed on the narrowest part of Athos Peninsula, one of the “fingers” Chalkidiki is divided into, Nea Roda is where in 480 d.C. Xerxes wanted to dig a canal to easily attack Greece’s city-state, and avoid circumnavigating Mount Athos Peninsula. It is 115 km southeast far from Thessaloniki. The name[…]


Tripiti (also spelled Trypiti) is the perfect escape from the buzz of bigger touristic centers. It offers relaxed and quiet atmosphere, with many bars and nightlife within reach, in the near city or Ouranopolis, Nea Roda or Ierissos. Tripiti is a small harbour with ferryboat leaving for Ammouliani many times[…]


The city name means “City of Heaven”, and it really is, considering the peace and quiet you can enjoy on its beaches! The City was founded in the 4th century B.C. and it borders with the independent monk republic of Mount Athos. It is the perfect accommodation solution as a[…]


This city is what best combines nature and all the comfort of the modern world. Olympiada was awarded with the “blue flag” several years in a row for its clean beaches and sea and it is surrounded by evergreen mountains, protected by the programme Natura 2000. Olympiada offers the perfect[…]


Stratoniki is a city of approximately 800 people, united with Stagira (a modern city, totally non-related with the ancient Stagira, whose remains can be visited from Olympiada). This city lays on Mount Stratoniko, and offers a very nice panoramic view on the Gulf of Ierissos and Mount Athos. The city[…]


This city is the administrative center of the republic of Mount Athos. It is place in the heart of the peninsula, in the middle of a forest. According to the legend it was founded by Constantine the Great and destroyed by Julian the Apostate. The main resident of the city[…]