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Bike Friendly

Alexandros Palace is proud to be a bicycle-friendly destination. As a bike-friendly hotel, we fulfil international standards promoting sustainable mobility in Greece. Using a bicycle to commute, is a great form of exercise and an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Cycling is also an adventurous sports activity that combines leisure with sightseeing and the unique discovery of the local cultural heritage. The Greek climate and the local Halkidiki climate are truly ideal for enjoyable activities such as cycling through the wood, the mountain, the Aegean seashore, cycling by lakes, rivers and important archaeological sites.

Our hotel offers:

A map of recommended cycling routes
A dedicated, safe parking lot for bicycles with a special bicycle rack
Necessary tools for maintenance
Rental bicycles
Charging station for e-bikes
Lunchbox with fruit, sandwiches, energy drinks e.t.c upon request
Healthy breakfast buffet with organic, local products and our home-grown produce
Fully equipped gym
Wellness services, such as sauna, Turkish bath (Hamam), Jacuzzi pool, sports massage, located in our Spa

The Municipality of Aristotle of Halkidiki defines geographically the whole of Eastern Halkidiki. A destination naturally located between three green mountains and 300km of coastline is essentially determined by the existence of hundreds of routes, many of which are mapped and marked bike paths.

The difference of the walking and cycling routes of Eastern Halkidiki from other similar routes lies in the historical brands (identities) that accompany them:

    routes to Mount Aristotle – which “carry” the natural and cultural aura of the years that inspired and formed Aristotle,
    places that hosted the famous Greek Alexis Zorbas – the time when he lived in Paleochori and worked in the area as a miner,
    roads and paths along the borders of Mount Athos – that “smell” Byzantium,
    routes and paths like the one followed by the Persian King Xerxes, to cross the Athonite Peninsula,
    paths that highlight the history of Ancient Akanthos and the historical area “Mavro Aloni” of Ierissos, an emblematic place of sacrifice of the locals in the name of freedom from the Ottoman yoke,
natural routes that promote the olive and fir as natural creations with special quality characteristics.More information
    Mountain Bike Rental