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Excursions by sea

The sea that surrounds our hotel is your marine playground for endless Halkidiki water activities that will reveal the magnitude of our homeland’s natural beauty. Be prepared for some truly enchanting coastal scenes that unravel one after the other.

Let us know what inspires you and we can assist in making excursion reservations and bookings on your behalf.

Mount Athos cruise
One of the top experiences in our part of the world is a sensational 3 hour long cruise along the coast from Ouranoupoli toward Mount Athos. This allows you to see the most mystical part of our homeland from a unique vantage point, that of the sea. You will be generously rewarded with stunning, coastal scenery while you observe the sacred monasteries which are UNESCO World Heritage protected and off limits to the general public.

Ammouliani island
In Halkidiki we also have one of the most striking little islands almost at our doorstep. Across from Tripiti you will find Ammouliani island, which can be reached by boat within 20 minutes. Crystal clear waters and white, sandy beaches of tropical standards await while there are frequent ferry rides back during the day, as well as overnight rides since it is the hottest place for experiencing the exciting nightlife of the region.

Drenia islands
The satellite islands situated next to Ammouliani are the tranquil alternative to the more energetic vibes experienced on the larger parent island. Also known as Gaidouronisia, you can reach Drenia islands via a short 20 minute boat ride from Ouranoupoli, arranged either privately by appointment or as a group. They share the same characteristics with Ammouliani, boasting exotic-esque shores that remind one of swimming in a pool rather than the sea. Drenia islands are the perfect choice for solo travellers or families seeking a quiet day out on a neighbouring islet.

Sithonia peninsula
Visit the nearby peninsula of Sithonia, where the area of Vourvourou will definitely excite you. It is a special seaside location with a namesake village and beach while opposite it, Diasporos island creates sheltered bays of shallow, azure waters. The geomorphology of the area has resulted in an amazing natural pool that will take your breath away known as the Blue Lagoon. Arrange your trip either by private boat hire or through the various daily excursions available.