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Excursions by land

The land that surrounds our hotel is blessed in a way that cannot easily be described with words. Rich in ancient heritage and steeped in spiritual energy, let us introduce you to the various Halkidiki points of interest which you can discover through your excursions by land.

Let us know what inspires you and we can assist in making excursion reservations and bookings on your behalf.

Mount Athos land border
Get as close to Mount Athos as possible by land. The land border of Mount Athos can be visited by anyone, regardless of gender or religious inclination. It is a beautiful hike from Ouranoupolis with plenty of amazing scenic visuals of the wild landscape along the way. It is not a demanding hike and is suitable for families and seniors. You will only be able to reach the point just before the region becomes a protected Nature Reserve, so do not expect to see any of the monasteries which are located further towards the tip of the peninsula, and are best seen via a Mount Athos cruise.

Zygou Monastery
Also within a distance of 2 km from Ouranoupoli towards Mount Athos, is the Zygou Monastery. It is an old fortified monastic structure of traditional Athonite architectural design, dating back to 900 A.D. During the 11th century it was considered one of the most important monastic centers in all of Mount Athos. Visiting this historic monastery is an opportunity to see one of the original monasteries of the region, despite it being in well preserved ruins. Access is fairly easy by foot from Ouranoupoli as it is located just outside the restricted part of Mount Athos’ land border. Visitors can admire centuries old remains of a castle, towers and walls as well as the Catholicon of the monastery and some beautiful floor mosaics.

Aristotle’s park in Ancient Stageira
The birthplace of ancient Greece’s most renowned of scholars, Aristotle, is in Ancient Stageira. This Hellenistic town dates back to 655 B.C. and can be reached via a 40 minute drive from our hotel. The place is absolutely magical, set on a verdant peninsula overlooking the glistening sea, where archaeological paths and sites are still quite prominent. Don’t miss a chance to visit this sensational location, as it is regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece.

Ancient Akanthos
Within a 10 minute drive from our hotel, you will find the riveting site of Ancient Akanthos. Yet another ancient city dating as far back as Ancient Stageira, Ancient Akanthos is where today stands the contemporary village of Ierissos. A town that has seen its share of sieges and conquests, it has many tales to tell. At the free entry site set on a lovely hillside, you will find the ruins of a citadel, the ancient walls as well as dispersed remains of various Hellenistic structures and remnants of Byzantine chapels.

Located to the north east of Halkidiki, about a 1,20 hours drive from our hotel, lies the site of Ancient Amphipolis. A strategic stronghold in antiquity, it was also the battlefield for settling a feud between the Spartans and Athenians in 422 B.C, as well as being the place where Alexander the Great convened to make preparations for his military campaigns. It has an interesting Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis to explore that contains various findings pertaining to the site, as well as remnants of important buildings, ancient walls and tombs. The Lion of Amphipolis monument is also located close by.