Alexandros Palace Luxury Hotel Halkidiki

How to reach Alexandros Palace Hotel

Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by car
The easiest way to reach Alexandros Palace Hotel is by car. You can rent a car from the Thessaloniki Airport or you can contact us using our car rental partners. From the airport, enter the hotel’s address in the GPS and follow the way towards Polygyros and then Ierissos). Starting from SKG Airport, you pass through Thermi and follow the street signs “Polygyros”. Polygyros is the capital of Chalkidiki and the main village.

After Thermi, there’s a series of villages: Vassilika, Agia Anastasia and finally Polygyros. You pass through Polygyros and when you see the General Hospital of Polygyros to your left hand. Then, you start following the signs “Ierissos, Agio Oros”. Agio Oros means Holy Mountain. After Polygyros, you meet Vrastama, then Plana, Gomati and eventually Ierissos, Nea Roda and the little port of Tripiti. The first hotel after Tripiti is Alexandros Palace. The distance is about 120km.

Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by taxi
Please contact the reservations department to arrange a taxi transfer.

Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by bus
From the airport, you take the bus nr.79 for a short ride towards IKEA. At IKEA you change to the bus nr.36 for a short ride to KTEL Halkidikis (Halkidiki bus station). They can issue a ticket inside the first bus and pick the option “two-trip 70-minutes ticket”, which is good for 2 bus rides, within a 70 minute period. It costs 1,20 euros. More info on bus rides and tickets:

After arriving at KTEL Halkidikis, there are three counters for the three Halkidiki peninsulas respectively. You go to the one for “Ouranoupoli” and ask for a ticket to “Tripiti, Alexandros Palace Hotel”. The ticket typically costs around 13 euros one way (subject to change). The bus driver knows the hotel and will leave you right in front of the hotel entrance. The reception desk is only a short walk away.

More information about KTEL Halkidikis
Phone (English available)
+30 2310 316575

Time Schedule:
More on how to access KTEL Halkidikis:

Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by private transfer
Upon necessary arrangements with the hotel, a private transfer is possible. Please contact us for more details.

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